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Products and Services

Eye Examinations

A thorough vision examination given by Village Eye Associates may take 30 minutes to an hour. There are no shortcuts. During this time, the Doctors will obtain information about you and take a thorough family history and discuss your vision needs. They will check visual acuity to see how sharply and clearly you see at different distances and measure the eye's ability to focus light rays exactly on the retina. Color vision, depth perception, and eye muscle coordination and control are evaluated as well as inspecting the interior and exterior of your eyes for signs of possible eye or systemic diseases. They will also test your eyes for glaucoma.

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Lasik Comanagement

Village Eye Associates co-manage laser refractive surgery or LASIK. Most referrals for surgery are made to The Laser Center (TLC) in Waltham. Providing post-operative care for our refractive patients in our office is a convenience for those patients who find it cumbersome to travel far for follow up care.

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Medical Management and Treatment of the Eye

Village Eye Associates are trained to treat common eye conditions, infections, and inflammations, such as conjunctivitis. Prior to 1997, optometrists had to refer patients to an Ophthalmologist for these conditions but Massachusetts state law expanded the scope of Optometric practice to therapeutics thus allowing Optometrists to deliver this service. Treating patients immediately saves you time, money and hours of discomfort.

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Contact Lens Fitting

If you presently wear contact lenses or if you are interested in trying contacts for the first time; our office strives to provide you with the highest quality products and service to achieve success. Our goal is for you to attain the best experience by achieving the best comfort, fit and vision with your contact lenses. The doctors are on the cutting edge of materials and offer a variety of lenses and designs from the new "breathable" contact lenses to lenses that correct for an astigmatism, rigid gas-permeable, multi-focal contact lenses and lenses for eye color enhancement. Not all contact lenses are appropriate for all vision conditions. The key to being successful with contact lenses depends on the professional skill and knowledge of the doctors as well as your motivation and how well you follow the doctor's instructions.

If you are interested in being fit or refit to contact lenses please call our office to make an appointment. If you have not had an eye examination within 6 months, an eye examination will be necessary to determine if your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses. Then, we will measure the eye and fit you with the best suitable contact lenses to fit your lifestyle and needs. If you are a new wearer you will be taught to insert and remove the contacts from your eyes, and then you will go home with a diagnostic pair. You will return in 1-2 weeks for the doctor to reevaluate the lenses on your eyes. Then contact lenses will be ordered once the doctor is assured that it is the proper lens for you.

Experienced contact lens wearers will have their contacts evaluated yearly. The doctor at that time will keep them abreast of the newest best products available for their eyes.

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Contact Lens Sales

We offer a number or ways to order or reorder a supply of contact lenses through our office.

1. OUR OFFICE ORDERS YOUR CONTACTS AND HAS THEM SHIPPED TO OUR OFFICE - You may order your contact lenses by calling our office and indicating to us the quantity you would like for us to order. We can then have your contacts shipped to our office and you can come to the office to pick them up. There is no shipping charge for this process. Lenses usually arrive within a few days to one week.

2. OUR OFFICE ORDERS YOUR CONTACTS AND HAS THEM SHIPPED TO YOUR HOME, OFFICE OR SCHOOL - You may have us order your contacts and have them shipped directly to your home, work or school. There is no shipping charge for a one year supply of lenses, but quantities of less than one year are subject to a shipping charge.

3. ORDER YOUR CONTACTS THROUGH THIS WEB SITE ONLINE - We are happy to offer the convenience of online shopping as an option to order your contact lenses. If you wish to order your contact lenses online through this web site, just click on ORDER YOUR CONTACT LENSES NOW. You can register on your own if you are an existing patient by using your email and password or you can register as a new patient. You also need to call our office so we can register your prescription on the web site. As long as your prescription is not over one year old the prescription is valid and your contact lenses can be shipped directly to your home, school, or office.

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Fashion Eyewear

Eyeglasses are prescribed to meet your individual vision needs. If you need prescription lenses, there are a wide variety of lens types and frames to choose from. Our goal is to get you to look your best as well as to see your best. Your activities and fashion preferences will allow us to assist you to meet your vision needs and enhance your appearance. Massachusetts Opticians is a group of professional, reputable Opticians that have served patients in Chelmsford and the surrounding towns since 1969.

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Service & Repair

Besides offering a vast selection of frames, Massachusetts Opticians offers quality service to our patients that require repair and replacement parts to their eyeglass needs.

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